Salesforce Integration Designed For Treatment

Salesforce has officially authorized the Lightning Step integration, so you can now find us on their app exchange.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Centers have access to one of the few completely integrated software solutions. Facilities utilizing Salesforce may quickly migrate leads from Salesforce to Lightning Step as they reach a stage where they are more likely to be admitted. Information can now be transferred from one system to another automatically with less manual data entering, and with fewer errors.

According to figures from 2018, Salesforce offers services to 99 of the 100 companies on the Fortune 100 list, while globally, as mentioned, 150,000 companies use Salesforce’s CRM platform to improve their business.

How it works

Customers using the Lightning Step EMR Integration can use Salesforce for lead management and then migrate those leads to Lightning Step once they become a potential client or patient for the facility.

Why Saleforce?

Salesforce is the #1 intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) solution for all companies of all sizes. Leading user review organizations have recognized Salesforce as the market leader for CRM technology, and according to industry analysts, the company’s solutions are particularly suited for small- and medium-sized businesses, as they help them easily implement new technology while connecting all of the systems that are important to them. Salesforce CRM users have seen their decisions take 38% less time on average, leading to a 25% boost in revenue, and a 35% rise in customer satisfaction.

Salesforce by the numbers


Rise in Satisfaction


Boost in revenue

Classic and Lightning versions of Salesforce are both compatible with Lightning Step. Lightning Step connects to Salesforce’s key integration points via a pre-built connector, allowing it to take advantage of the strong data source. 

Grow Revenue With Confidence: No matter what your company’s size, industry, or location, regaining growth may be easier than you think. By consolidating all of your sales efforts onto a single platform, you can enhance rep productivity and increase revenue.

Make Virtual Your New Normal: Stay connected and adapt to the online world of today. Distribute easy-to-use tools for virtual selling, enablement, forecasting, and planning to your team, regardless of where they are located.

Saleforce Support: A global community of experts and regular feature updates will provide your sales professionals the tools they need to admit more patients consistently.

Treatment Facilities may get the Salesforce Native App Exchange Integration and save money on excessive integration costs. Having our software thoroughly audited for security by Salesforce offers customers even more trust. This connection helps us modernize behavioral treatment technology, where it has lagged.

Kirk Monroe, CEO Lightning Step

More integrations

Lightning Step offers a full-featured CRM of its own, but it is also flexible enough to work how you work. Integrate your Salesforce CRM to follow leads through to discharge.
Lightning Step provides automatic text updates to clinicians powered by the industry-leading text automation tool so your team can stay informed at all times.


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