Keep clients on the road to recovery with an alumni community

Our free CaredFor partnership integration seamlessly connects your clients to the leading alumni app in just one click.

Lightning Step offers a free one-click add-on that allows you to seamlessly connect clients to your CaredFor alumni communities at time of discharge. With this integration, your client’s profile will be fully set up with their treatment history, and they will automatically receive an invite email to set up and complete their profile.
Staying informed with your alumni communities via short surveys post-treatment leads to optimization of treatment plans and aftercare that results anywhere from +70 to +350% higher sustained outcomes.

How it works

This integration adds a button to the discharge page to connect outgoing clients to your CaredFor community. Talk to your Lightning Step representative to learn more.

Why CaredFor?

CaredFor offers an online platform for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Centers that connects, engages, and influences their alumni. It’s not a compliance tool; its aim isn’t to track behavior. Instead, it helps you build a private social network where your alumni will be supported as they continue their recovery. CaredFor users are on the app 6-8x per month with 30+ minutes of engagement each time. With one easy add-on you can connect your client community and generate word-of-mouth engagement.
User Engagement


visits / month


minutes / month

CaredFor’s Alumni Engagement Index also allows you to see community engagement – instantly see how often your alumni are interacting with the tool, pinpoint what types of content are most popular, identify alumni champions, highlight alumni who might be at risk of relapse, and more.
Connect: The core benefit of the platform is the ability to connect alumni with each other, using a facility-branded mobile app. As the treatment facility, you’re promoting your brand, not CaredFor’s. The platform works like other social networking sites with real-time posts, notifications, comments, and reactions.
Engage: Built into the platform are tools to better engage alumni groups including discussions, targeted content, polls, surveys, event registrations, and other call-to-actions that help the facility learn more about their alumni. Subsequently, the result is improved outcomes for current and future patients.
Influence: The benefit of a connected and engaged audience is the ability for the provider to learn and continue to improve all levels of care influenced by alumni behavior. We’re creating a set of modules to help prevent relapses, connect alumni with sponsors, ask alumni to be a reference for someone seeking treatment, or make a referral when an addict has decided to seek treatment.

CaredFor’s integration with Lightning Step saves programs time and helps easily get all of their alumni and patients into the CaredFor engagement app. This helps programs extend the continuum of care to further support their alumni and ultimately leads to improved outcomes, increased census and enhanced patient experience.

Parker Polidor, Co-Founder of CaredFor

More integrations

Lightning Step offers a full-featured CRM of its own, but it is also flexible enough to work how you work. Integrate your Salesforce CRM to follow leads through to discharge.
Lightning Step provides automatic text updates to clinicians powered by the industry-leading text automation tool so your team can stay informed at all times.


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